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Commercial Sewage Treatment

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Commercial Sewage Treatment is the process of removing pollutants from wastewater produced by commercial properties. Commercial sewage is typically composed of food & beverage waste (e.g. oil & grease), human waste from toilets, and cleaning chemicals (e.g. detergents). It carries high-risk of pathogen contamination and must be carefully treated before discharge into the environment.

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This solution is relevant for

  • Malls

  • Hotels

  • High-Rise Buildings (Offices, Apartments)

  • Mixed-Use Complexes

  • Residential Estates & Townships

  • Other Commercial Spaces that have similar type of Wastewater

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Benefits you gain include

  • End-to-end solution that includes investment of any required CAPEX (if necessary).

  • Wastewater discharge that adheres to prevailing water quality regulations.

  • Well-trained and skilled operational team.

  • Remote monitoring and digital reporting system.

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Why Tirtanium?

At Tirtanium, we combine the latest Water Technologies, proprietary expertise, and a dynamic localized Team, to provide you with the most effective Commercial Sewage Treatment solutions.

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Partnership options

  • Engineering, Design & Construction of a new facility

  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of an existing facility

  • End-to-End Total Solution (incl. CAPEX funding)

  • Multi-module solution that includes Water Recycling (Re-use)

  • Audit or Optimization of existing facility

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Our Process

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Take the Next Step

Whether you are ready to make a purchase or are looking for more information, our Service Engineers are on standby to guide you through every step.

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